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Gastric Sleeve Surgery

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My husband and I are scheduled for Aug 1st for the gastric sleeve.

Has anyone had the sleeve longer than 2 years?

Do you have any withdraw from food? Like I did when I quit smoking 3 years ago?

Do you tend to overeat as soon as you heal?

If you do can you bust open those staples?

I know that right now before surgery, I can't eat a small meal and walk away and be full or not be hungry again soon after. does this stop?

After the initial time to get used to the difference do you feel deprived?

I'm more worried about my husband because he is such a big eater.

should we sign up for some sort of counceling when we get back to the states?

Thanks for the experienced input.


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If you want a reply quickly and they have SOOOOO much helpful info. there--have you tried the obesity help forum? They have a VSG maintenance board that has a lot of veterans on it. I'm only three months out with the sleeve so I can't help you too much. I used to come to this forum a lot when I had the band, but there aren't too many VSG'ers here. :)


Good Luck!

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Hi there,

I don't have a sleeve (yet) but will in November - but I can answer one of your questions - cuz it is the same answer for any of the procedures. You will have head hunger - this is the hunger that has nothing to do with lack of food but with your mind deciding that food is the answer for what ever is bothering you at the time. You will have less cravings as not only will you have a smaller stomach but the sleeve cuts out the major production componet of gerlin which is a hunger hormone trigger.

You can use the sleeve to help with head hunger - as you can't eat as much as you used to be able to...so that is great but at some point you will need to figure out what your triggers are for head hunger and address them. When I find myself cruising in the kitchen I immediately drink a large glass of water - and that helps alot - and then go out for a walk or find something to clean (I have a very clean house lol).

I love food - and even with the band and being successful i could still love food - just in much smaller amounts. I love to cook - and it's easy to sample a bit but not have to "eat it all".

Hope this helps - it's all a process and you will take it step by step! Remember all boards are just people like you - and some of what you read - take with a grain of caution.


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I was just sleeved on the 27th at the OCC, so I am only 11 days out. I have done GREAT and actually stayed on just clear liquids longer than I needed to. I read the instructions under sedation and for some reason never read them again..and all I remembered was clear broth, popscicles and apple juice.

I was becoming a little apprehensive because while on the clear liquids, they just more or less "run" through your system, so I kept thinking if everything is going to run through my system once I get on solids how will I ever feel full. ( I never felt "hungry" while on the clear liquids but did have head hunger and wishes for something else other than clear liquid (chicken broth).

I tried cream soup tonight since I reread my instructions and saw I could have progressed to cream soup on day 7..... I chose cream of mushroom soup. What really surprised me is I had 3 Tablespoons approximately and was full. It had been so long since I experienced the "full" feeling, I wasn't sure what was going on for a couple minutes because it is a different kind of "full" feeling. However, I promise... I was full on 3, yes 3 Tablespoons of soup. Pre- surgery I could have eaten almost the entire can of soup, if not all on some days.

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