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October 3rd - revision to Sleeve

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Hi folks,

So I got my eroded band removed on July 1st (sigh) and am heading back on Oct 2nd - to have the sleeve on October 3rd. Very excited and wish it was October...


Donnac in Seattle

Glad to hear from you Donna. I know how disappointed you were! But October will be here before you know it, and in the meantime you can start making life changes that will help this next surgery be even more successful!!! :D I'm curious, did you have to pay more then you planned on? Was it expensive to have the band removed?

Stay in touch!


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Hi Kelly,

Nope the Plication revision was the same cost as the revision to sleeve - so I just left the funds with them and they will do the sleeve in October at no extra cost. If I wanted the funds back - the cost for a band removal is $3500 - and then I would have had to pay full cost for a sleeve...so it made sense to just leave the funds with them...I have been going to see them for over 8 years...I know them and trust them completely.

I am working out alot and trying to be good with food - eating smart most of the time and using the workouts to balance things..

How are things going with you?


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