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failed lap band

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hello all.

i was banded by dr ortiz jan 8 2011. i lost 13 lbs in the 3 weeks during my liquid phase. however, in the months since the surgery i have not lost any weight, and have fluctuated +/- 5 lbs. i have received 2 fills -- the first done by the occ 7 cc and then the 2nd in idaho 2.5 cc for a total of 9.5 cc in a 10 cc band.

where do i start?.....

1. i regret having the surgery.

2. i do not feel the restriction. i only feel when something is stuck and then i bend over and work on getting it out. that is one of the most horrible feelings in the world.

3. i know the band is a tool, but i feel like i have a worthless tool. i feel like i have futiley spent thousands of dollars.

4. i am wondering if i should go back to taking weight loss meds as i have before and i'm wondering if i can pull it off with weight watchers.

5. another option is gastric plication or sleeve.

i know that i will get posts questioning my diet and exercise, let me say this. the diet is not always where it should be, and from reading your posts i need to get a lot more strict. i exercise 5-6 days a week. i run 3-5 miles 3 days/weeks and do weight lifting or insanity the other days.

please hit me with whatever you got. i'm also really interested in hearing your experiences of failed bands and switching from a band to a sleeve or plication.

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Specifically, your diet:

without wanting to sound like a total douche bag, diet is 80% of weight loss ........ you can exercise all you want, but if you're taking in more calories than your body is able to burn, weight or fat loss is unachievable. You have to dial in your diet.

Start logging every. single. thing. you. eat. weigh & measure your food, and log.

You can do this using many fre online services: http://www.fitday.com/, http://www.livestrong.com/thedailyplate/, http://www.sparkpeople.com

also, it doesn't sound like your band may not be functioning properly, if you only feel restriction when something is getting stuck.

have you been getting blind fills? I'd get a fluoroscopy fill, so they can see exactly how quickly liquid is moving down ...

but then again, i've found 'hunger' is mainly mental for me, which was a huge obstacle to overcome.

Do you ever feel FULL?

It's probably time to look at the psychological aspect.

With the amount of exercise you're doing, I would question your diet and/or have you had your thyroid checked.

Not sure why you'd want 'diet pills'. An increase of blood pressure won't produce weight loss.

And if you're not motivated to change your eating habits, Weight Watcher/Jenny Craig/etc etc is another resource you'll just through money away on.

I hope this helps, a bit ... and puts things in perspective.

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I agree with what Lindsay has said. I have had my band for about 18 months..is my weight loss rapid..Heck no...there were periods where I didn't move for months..but I did move and it's going in the right direction. Here are some of my thoughts. Keep in mind I have done all the things you mentioned and then some.

1. "The Art of Eating Mindfully" Buy the book...it says it all. I was total emotion eating, I figured it out, and am still working/learning the tools.

2. Yep, weigh and measure. Take the time to make your own clean food and freeze/fridge for the following weeks. Does this take time, yes, but as you said you have already invested the money, the other half is the time. I bought a bunch of small glass containers.. I have to say I was shocked at the numbers once I started weighing ounce on my scale..you have to do it. and don't expect to feel "full" just not hungry..the book will help.

3. "The rules" protein first, now drinking water, no alcohol...really have to keep on this one..I learned the hard way.

I too am filled under fluoro. I wouldn't do it any other way. I can see for myself the band is doing what it is supposed to do..It's me that needs fine tuning!


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wow - great topic. I found that I need to write down everything I put in my mouth - so that I could really see what my calorie consumption was - compared to my burned calories. This is simple body function - based on your height and weight - you have a baseline of calories that you can maintain and a level to lose. It's easy to look first at the band - cuz you put alot into getting this and alot into working with it...but I have to say that it sure sounds like there maybe another cause here - thyroid is one that needs to be checked for sure. Blind fills is another one to check.

Do the math on the food first - and if you are in the range to lose - then start looking metabolic reasons. The band as a tool should help you get to that intake range.

I had a true failed band - it slipped - and I just revised to a sleeve and am in love with it so far. A much different feeling than the band - but still a restrictive process.

Keep posting - we are here for you - as is OCC.

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