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What a wonderful Day at the Open House at OCC Plastic Surgery

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I was lucky enough to still be around for the open house on Sat at OCC for the plastic Surgery Center. What a great event. The mini facials were amazing and I got their card - I will be doing a facial next time I am there - ask for Maya - she is the best! They also had someone doing hair, makeup and discounts on all cosmetic procdures.

Got a great discount on Botox and my friend who was down tried the new PRP - plasma facial and is loving it so far.

If you haven't tried the Plastic Surgery offerings - you should they are amazing. I got to see several folks who were having plastic surgery - arm lift, tummy tuck, breast augmentation, the new lipo called Vasser which looks very impressive.

I will be going back hopefully by Feb to have some plastics done when I finish losing my weight (I love my sleeve so far)...I talked to Dr. So about a "Pippa butt lift" lol - where they use your own fat to "enhance" your butt. It is a pretty sweet deal - as they lipo out the fat from any problem areas and then spin it - to get the "fat" clean and use your own fat back into your body..

Wow - very impressed with the cosmetic services....


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