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Oh lord... getting nervous.. need feedback

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Ok so I am in need of reassurance! I was banded in Feb 2008, I failed my band, yes I take responsibilty. I am scheduled for a band to sleeve revision on Feb 13th with Dr Ortiz. I'm getting nervous... I'm coming alone this time... My step mom came with me to have my band done, I traveled back 2 years ago alone to have Dr Ortiz check my band out, so I'm not scared of coming alone, just the hotel room bordeum and of course that "one time" something goes wrong.

I also work in the medical field and have a lot of friends that are worried about me having the band removal and sleeve surgery the same day and then living in Georgia so far from Tijuana. I know Dr Ortiz is the BOMB (and very handsome also ;) ) but I need some reassurance from some people that have had it done just to calm this unexpected anxiety feeling. Thanks for any words of wisdom!!

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I revised from band to sleeve in March 2011. I was alone for my revision and I was glad because nobody bothered me for the whole 5 days! You kinda feel like shit anyway, so there isn't much to get bored about...I think the Lucerna had about 5 English stations on the t.v. I walked around the pool, rested, ate some popsicles, tried to drink water, and watched the tube. The van picks you up every day to get the drain checked and brings you back to the hotel. The Lucerna has really nice bedding, too. Anxiety is normal--I cried hysterically on the OR table 'cause of nerves. Dr. Ortiz and his staff know what they are doing!! You will be fine and the sleeve is soooo much better than the band!!!

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