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What should I try and stock up on? And Go it alone or take a friend?

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Hi Everybody,

My name is Dottie and I live in the Cayman Islands. I had LapBand surgery with Dr. Ortiz in August 2007. Had my first fill in Oct 4, 2007. Went back to work in the Caymans and did okay for about 8 months losing weight. Band was really tight in the AM and somewhat tight for lunch and fine for dinner. And then all of a sudden, Band was too tight...had a hard time with liquids... no matter what time of the day. So, I was on a liquid diet for about 2 months until I could get back to the States for an unfill. Had an unfill in August of 2008. Lost some more weight... total loss from pre-op diet to lowest was 77 pounds... from 307 to 230 in about one year.

Stopped losing weight... but, afraid to get fill that might restrict too much again... since I could not get an unfill easily (i.e. - get time off work, plane ticket to the States. etc). Overall, just not happy with band... my fault since I can't get fills and unfills readily. So, I have gained most of my weight back and and am miserable. I realize that the Band was not maybe the best choice for me considering my location.

So... new chapter! I am looking to get the Band removed and the Gastric Sleeve revision done with Dr. Ortiz. I think that the Sleeve will be a much better fit for me. So, now... I am planning my new adventure/lifestyle change.

I am booked! Doing the Revision surgery (lapband to sleeve) on October 8, 2012. I have to lose 32 pounds before my surgery... I am worried, but excited at the same time. My Mom went with me when I had my Lapband done and it was great having her support. I don't know that I want to ask her to go with me for the Revision... alot more days in Tijuana (approx. one week).

For those of you that have done the Revision surgery... what did you do all day? I know that we go back to OCC to get the drain checked once a day... were you comfortably walking around Tijuana? Anything to go see or must do's? (That are do-able after the surgery)

I have a very good friend that has volunteered to go with me... she had a gastric by-pass several years ago and has lost over 250 pounds...so, I know she would be good support. Any thoughts or feelings on doing it alone or with someone?

And since I do live on a tiny little island in the middle of nowhere... I need to do alot of preparing ahead of time. I am starting to collect protein shakes... and I have ordered a Cuisinart Puree/Blender. Any feedback on best online prices and variety? Anything else that I should start think about stock-piling?

Thanks to everyone for listening to me! And sorry for rambling....

Cheers, Dottie

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I am intrested in what others have to say to your questions also. I had a hard time finding a protein powder that I could have beaucse I am allergic to malt and it is a ton of things as (maltodextrin) I did find that Knorr brand makes a new thing called homestyle stock you can look it up on line and I bought some of those from the store for when I travel and for when I get home ( I am going to explain to TSA that I need it.) I don't if you booked your travel but it might help if you were stay 1 day in the states and take a suitcase back full of stuff. like protein powders and anything else you can think of that you can't get there. ( I know some people like Luna bars once they can eat foods and have a half of one with other small items for a meal.)

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I wont be a ton of help as I still have my band...but I wanted to add this. Dont go alone. I had a friend with me when I had my band done, but went back to TJ for other work. I live in Canada. I have to say, it sucks going alone. I will always take someone with me, its too difficult when you are sore to do it all by yourself.

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Gastric sleeve done at OCC 3/1912. I think by Drs. Ortiz and Martinez, but I'm actually a bit foggy about that. My nausea lasted a bit longer than expected.

I was very glad I took someone with me. I wasn't good for much the first 2-3 days, and was even grateful someone else would dial room service and get up and answer the door when it arrived.

I didn't do any sight-seeing in Tijuana, so can't help with that, but for your friend, there is a really good restaurant called La Fogata about a block from the OCC clinic. And, of course, the Applebee's less than 1/2 block away. There is a big artisans mall on the way from the Marriott to the OCC (something Herrera, I think). It looked interesting. I would have gone if I'd been up to doing anything but sleep for the 1st few days.

Good luck.

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I had VSG surgery on Feb 6/12. My sister-in-law came with me. I was glad that she did, more for having someone to do things with than anything. I had an awesome experience with my surgery and felt great by the following day. I'm also very foggy about details in the hospital! I remember next-to-nothing of the time I spent there. I had absolutely no pain at any time and probably didn't really need the painkillers they gave me to take for two days after leaving the hospital. I had no trouble at all walking around or hauling my suitcase around at the border or in the airport on the way home.

We stayed at the Marriott in Tijuana. There didn't seem to be any tour companies in the city, but the concierge at the hotel found us a cab driver to give us a tour around Tijuana and took us to do some shopping on Revolucion Avenue and stopped at WalMart for some juice. I took an hour-long nap each day, but other than that was up and out most of the time. We spent our last night in San Diego and there is a tour bus there that goes around the city. I live in Canada and had never been to the southern U.S. or Mexico so I wanted to see at least something of both cities.

Dianne C

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