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Has anyone gone to surgery a few pounds over the 45 BMI? I'm a little worried because I have my surgery scheduled for 3-27 and I'm still about 4-5 pounds shy of being under 45 BMI. I did lose 5% of my weight, just can't seem to get these last pounds to drop. Right now I'm at a 45.5 (in the morning with no clothes on) and I think I'll drop a little more before Tuesday, but I'm not sure I'll drop that much that fast when I've been sort of stalled here for the last week and a half. I really don't want to have to pay an additional amount on top of the surgery fee when I am so close to the mark anyway.

SO anyone been in a similar situation and if so what happened? Any advice on killing these last pounds... I'm only eating 800 cals a day and drinking 8 glasses of water, so I'm kind of flummoxed right now.

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No, you'll be fine! Don't even sweat those few pounds. You can drop that over night if you refrain from taking in salt or water.

On a slightly other note, I"m really surprised they're still using the BMI at the OCC.







Thanks! I'm with you on BMI. People have different body types and you can't really squeeze them all into one convenient group. I know people who weigh less than me but have a larger waist and just all around look far heavier. One of these people I outweighed by 60 lbs, yet no one would guess he weighed less.

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