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What was in your suitcase that you could not have lived without?

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I am scheduled to my Revision surgery in September and found a good list on the Vertical Sleeve Talk forum... I will be including some of these things in my to-go bag. Hope this helps!

Cheers, Dottie

Comfy Pajamas / Nightgowns

Loose Under Clothes

Warm Socks

House Slippers

Loose fitting clothes to wear home

Small Firm Pillow (seems to help getting up and moving around with pillow pressed against stomach)

Laptop or tablet with Skype


Reading Material or Kindle

Reading glasses

Eye mask / Ear plugs


Pen / Pad of Paper (to jot notes of things said or explained)

Throat Lozenges (sugar free)

Lip Balm

Gas Relief Chewable or strips

Body Wipes

Heating Pad for pain relief

Breath Strips

Small Fan

Kids Sip Cup

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The above list is good...

This might sound weird but "Vicks" vapor rub. I brought it cause I had a little bit of sinus stuff going on when I traveled. However, after surgery I used it for chapped lips (only applied 1 x and lips were fine), had small bump in mouth, (only applied 1x and bump went away). Also used on area where tape was holding drain after it was removed. I had an allergic reaction to that tape @ drain only. All other tape was paper and I had no reaction to it. My friend brought neosporin which I tried 1st but it didn't stop the itch. The Vicks did. My Mom is about Vicks like the "dad" on the movie "My big fat greek wedding is about Windex"... but hey, in this case it really worked 4 me. :-)

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