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Not hungry but nervous

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OK, I need people who have had the sleeve done to answer a question. I will be two weeks post surgery on Monday. I'm not starving like I was but it seems like I get nervous around meal time. I'm not necessarily hungry but at meal time I feel nervous like I should or need to eat. Has anyone else had this issue?

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I get freaked out when I get full.

I am trying so hard to follow the diet too. But I get up at 4am each day and start work at 6am. I then have a schedule break kind of day. I had to email Dr. Miranda and tell her I am not getting enough food given my hours.

I drink my protein shake on drive in to work at 5am.

first break is at 7:30/8am

lunch is at 9:30/10am

last break is at noon.

Get home around 330pm.

I told her I need dinner at like 4pm, but then I am still awake till 9 or 10pm.

She said I could add a chicken breast.


I have been doing the pre op diet since Jan 25th, I have lost 11lbs and have cheated due to be so hungry. In the beginning after my shake, I would get really nauseas and not eat. I would say that when its meal time, I get very nervous. Maybe that is why I don't eat much. Which also makes me really hungry later.

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