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accident and the band

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Hey guys, I have been gone a while but I am back.. I have done very well with my band. Got under my first goal and headed to my finish line but here is what happened. I was snowmobiling yesterday and was thrown from machine. My port is sore..my whole body is sore but I don't feel tight anymore. Could I have broke the band? How long should I wait to check on it? They did ct but didn't say anything but maybe they wouldn't since I didn't get it here. I thought if I don't feel tight tomorrow morning that I will call the clinic in washington but I am so broke if they don't take care credit I am in big trouble,, has anyone had accident before? Was your band ok? How do you know if it is broke? Would I feel sick? This is what I get for being active again. Ug. Please any advise would help.

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I don't know if I read what you posted correctly and understand it. You did have a CT and you think that because you got your band some place else they didn't check it out? Where did you have the CT done. If it was in a hospital they should check everything out and make sure you are all well.

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