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Getting your head into the game


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When we are in Mexico at the hotel its easy, you sit at the table or order up. Broth or a popsicle. Your mind says you're hungry, your stomach is saying no. The broth is decent and you keep going till you stop for a second and think "Am I still hungry?" Often to find the answer is "no".

Home is when it gets hard. I have broth from cans, tetra's, etc. I don't have any homemade broth. My popsicles are better but still. Then you watch your family have Taco Tuesday night. Spaghetti Wednesday. Ugh, broth please. You get so excited for the cream soup phase, and at first it works great, but that goes on for so many days. Meanwhile, there are birthday celebrations, cupcakes, snack foods. Ugh, cream soup please.

So, you cheat and it hurts. It hurts for a reason! You have fresh new sutures and you're trying to pass bread thru it or meat.

Those sutures and your fresh new tummy don't stand a chance.

I had a great experience at the OCC but one thing it is missing is the counselling. We all have eating disorders or some kind, or we wouldn't need this medical help. Here in Canada, if you can get the Gov to pay for your surgery, there is nutritional counselling and emotional counselling. Your surgery is contingent on the completion of those programs. If you are finding that you are struggling with the diet, then I recommend that you find the counselling you need to succeed.

I have taken the diet very very seriously. It was a lot of money and at my family's vacation expense to do this surgery. They all said they would give up family vacations for 2 years if it meant having mom around for more years for later vacations. I am doing this for me and them. I don't want to let them down. I don't want to blow it and have nothing to show for them.

My head is in the game, is yours?

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There is a whole topic of this with some books listed if counselling is not an option for you:


There is a couple of books you could get off of Amazon

1. Eating mindfully by Susan Albers

2. Eating in the moment by Pavel Somov

I read that the second book by Pavel Somov was a better choice.

Also, a good choice The complete Idiots guide to eating well after weight loss surgery!!

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