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Weight Gain - 2-1/2 years post op

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Hello all

I had my surgery in December, 2010 and ultimately lost 65 lbs. I went from 195 to 130 lbs, from a size 22 down to a size 6. In January-now, I've experienced some stressors, death in the family, work, etc and I have gained 20 lbs as a result :(

Questions: I realize that my stomach is stretched again because I can eat more food than I could 1 year ago. Is there a way I can reduce the size again?? Should I go back on a liquid diet? Is there a way to jump start the weight loss process again? I need to lose these 20 lbs again and not be terrified that I am going to climb up the scale again.

All advice appreciated!!!

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Are you still there JettaGirl? My 2 year anniversary was yesterday, Sept 15th. I have been stuck at 240 lbs since April. I was 300 when I had the surgery back in 2011. I have struggled since I passed the 80 lb mark, when the muscle mass I have wouldn't allow more weight loss. You get to a point where you have to put on more muscle to burn more calories. That is what I am starting to do. The nutritionist has always told me to go back on the protein shakes with small Atkins breakfast and small Atkins supper to get back on track. Exercise is the real key, something they don't really tell you. It changes everything. Build the muscle mass, burn more calories and hopefully lose the weight. I hope you have found your way and got rid of the 20 lbs. I am looking to just get motivated again and get out there walking etc to at least get something going again. Good luck to you.

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