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Safety in Tijuana


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I am getting a sleeve in May!! Yay!!

However, my brother expressed some concern about the safety issues that exist in Tijuana right now. Does anyone have any insight as to the area that the OCC clinic is located and any safety issues that exist there? Also, any safety issues with crossing the border?


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We were at the OCC last July and will be heading back there in less than 2 weeks. We felt safe when we were at the Marriott Hotel and surrounding area (Wal-Mart and a shopping plaza nearby the hotel). The OCC itself is located near the police station. The OCC has a security guard that monitors vehicles entering the parking garage. We also noticed him walking through the building, stopping into the OCC and other areas around the building. The Marriott shuttle can take you back and forth to the OCC. We did use a taxi a few times to go other places (shopping plaza and the beach). We had no issues.

When we crossed the border into Mexico, the shuttle driver dropped us off and we went through security. Not many people around and the security guard didn't even look through our suitcases. When we crossed the border into the U.S. the line-up was quite long and they did a very thorough inspection of us and our suitcases. I felt very safe and we had no issues.

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