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Our stomach has the ability to stretch out as a result of food intake. Folds of tissue within the stomach expand and contract in response to food input.

After a sleeve or plication weight loss surgery, stretching of the new pouch occurs naturally. This process happens until the pouch matures to its natural size. However, some patients may have overstretched out their pouch with or without observable symptoms.

Band and bypass patients may have stretched out their pouch with and without observable symptoms because of two possible causes: either the band is too tight, or there is an underlying medical cause that needs to be evaluated.

If you have reflux, regurgitation, or feel like you can tolerate larger meals or, on the contrary, can’t tolerate any solid foods at all, you will need to test the functionality of your pouch by doing the Pouch Reset. You may use the Pouch Reset to evaluate if a medical assessment is necessary and/or consider revision surgery.

The Pouch Reset lasts only 7 days. Its objective is to prevent further stretching the pouch at each meal.

It includes the supplements necessary and an e-book with diet details.


Lucia Chavez, LNCA
Chief Nutritionist
1-866-376-7849 ext. 86

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