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Post Op care after leaving Mexico?


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I have been trying to find out what type of care or guidance I can expect from OCC when I get back to the States? What about buying insurance for complications? I have heard US med insurance eont cover complications from surgery in Mexico? Does OCC provide referrals to US foctors for follow uo care? How fo you find a dr to support your follow up care when youve had surgery in Mexco?

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We have a 5 year follow up program that includes phone calls from our team, follow up emails. A 24/7 doctor line that you can call or have your physician call with any questions. Most primary care physicians in the US are happy to do the follow up care you'll need which is really just annual physicals and blood work ups. If any of your follow up's with us suggest you need some testing done, we will let you know what that is and you can ask your US doctor to order it or return to us. I have been sleeved for over 4 years now and have never had any testing done that my insurance didn't cover.

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