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Questions about OCC & sleeve surgery

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I am seriously considering gastric sleeve surgery at OCC with Dr Ortiz. I do not qualify in the US because my Bmi is 31, although it might as well be 51. I am so uncomfortable in my own skin and have been for 20 yrs. Exercise, dieting, food logging and everything in between isn't getting me out of the obese category and I'm so tired of it.

I have so many questions and hope that some o you can help with the answers. Here are some of them:

In your opinion, Does the hospital/clinic at OCC abide by the same standards as found in the US?

Do you know if the facility is inspected making sure it's up to par?

How do I know that I will be getting the gastric sleeve that was agreed upon and with the correct closure?

Following surgery how can they tell if there is no leakage? X-ray? Ultrasound?

Occ and Dr Ortiz have an outstanding marketing website but how do I know that they are legitimate from 3,000 miles away?

Is the sleeve safe for older women? I am 58 yrs old and all I see are older blogs from much younger females.

Does the staff speak English?

What happens if my lab work doesn't pass the day before surgery? Not likely, but wondering

How many days should I plan for the entire process?

How is the Marriot hotel that my husband will be staying in. Is it worn and old?

As you can see I'm a bit narotic and my daughters are not so happy with me looking into Tijuana. :(

I appreciate your thoughts and responses. It is such a big decision.

Thank you,


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Hi Gigi!

I am pre-op with surgery date of Sept 19th, so can't answer any of your questions ... but wanted to reach out to you and see if you had made the decision to go forward with VSG? I am 55 yrs old so I likely share some of your questions and concerns. I am BEYOND ready for this MUCH needed "tool" and EXCITED for a new chapter in my life!

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I am almost 68 yrs old and just had VSG on May 9th.  I am 3 weeks post op.  If Gigi is still reading, I can share my experiences with Dr. Ortiz and answer specific questions.  Email movinsue@gmail.com

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