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So, I weighed in at 168 after weighing the morning of my flight at 169 so I am pretty sure that the starting weight is accurate with my home scale.  When I got back, the next day I weighed 176--eight pounds more than my starting weight despite another week of clear fluids since my pre-op weigh-in.

I emailed OCC with this concern but I have not heard back from them with any reasonable explanation.    The only difference I can identify is that I did not take the blood pressure meds during 5 day post-op period and restarted once I returned home.  The reason I did not take blood pressure meds is because my blood pressure was extremely low during the post op period, like 92/58.  Not symptom-low but too low to add a medication.

Has anyone else experienced this?

I am now 166lbs and this 10 days after my post-op weight of 176.  That it is somewhat disappointing because is only 16 lbs less than my starting weight after 6 weeks of fluids.   Trend in the right direction however, and I will follow the program and be patient.

I am trialing removing one of my three BP meds, have eliminated the water pill and am having acceptable blood pressure readings.   I suspect that when my weight loss is complete, I might reduce the 2nd med.  (Do not try this without your doctor's approval; I am a retired RN and having been managing my BP for many years.)

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I did hear from OCC and they responded:


The first 40 days after surgery aren't for weight loss purposes, these are for you to heal and recover properly, my dear.

Body composition changes, stalls, ups and downs will happen especially during the first-month after surgery due to water retention from IV fluids, or inflammation adaptations and overall body composition changes. These changes affect overall weight; every patient responds differently to this.

Give your body the chance to get back to health. Weight loss is different to each person and it also depends on how aggravated your organs were before surgery. If you focus on keeping your liver happy (no chemicals, no additives, no artificial flavorings or colorings -sodas-, no alcohol, little meds, taking probiotics) at some point it will start burning fat. Also, keep in mind that you need to fuel metabolism thru supplements, so those have to be part of your daily routine religiously.

Your body will continue adapting to a new physiology, therefore, it will be common to experience these changes/fluctuations. Monitor fat, not weight to avoid playing mind games. Think of it like a staircase, you will lose at a certain ratio then level off, then lose and level again. 

I am still in the 40 day window; in fact, I am 24 days post-procedure.  Am following the program.  Still stalled at 166 which is 2 lbs less than pre-op weight following the Atkins diet and two weeks of fluids only (182 lb-168lb).  I have changed my evil ways with my merlot and substituted protein shakes.  More activity is just now starting, as my deconditioning fatigue from pre- and post-op liquid was numbing and I bet I lost a lot of muscle mass.  I could hardly drag myself up a flight of stairs without being dog tired!  The supplements and dietary progression has helped.  I ordered a body fat measurement scale so will start tracking changes in fat weight.  I also have to factor in my age-68- and that I cannot bounce back from this kind of drastic nutritional assault and surgery as fast as if I were in my 30's.

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I received a private email from a pre-op patient and I thought it would be appropriate to weigh in at this point which is 37 days post-op:


I was on the OCC forum and you'd stated you'd had your surgery can you tell me if things were successfu

Depends on how you measure success.  I have been on an extended weight stall (4 weeks no change!) despite the low calories of the post-op regimen.  However, I am losing fat and the percentage keeps falling slowly and my clothes are becoming droopy.  That being said, I am 68 years old, am lightly active and have always had a very difficult time losing weight.  My calorie intake is around 800 daily.  
My most notable success solves a lifelong problem--aching knawing hunger that drives food intake constantly. It is like having a monkey on my back!  After the procedure, the hunger factor has backed off 95% and what hunger I am aware of is "soft" and uninsistent.  
In larger terms, the procedure was a success.  The trip back and forth to Mexico was uneventful, I never felt sick, my health is intact and my energy better than ever.  There is less stress on my back and joints.  I have enhanced nutritional status.   I do not suffer hunger and am almost to the point of getting back to a full food diet.  I have retrained myself to be more selective about my food choices.  
At the beginning, I was 180--just barely into the Obese BMI category at 32%; now, I am at 167.6.  My percentage of body fat has reduced from 41.4% to 38.7%  I was not as obese as some patients but still suffering from the adverse effects of my overweight on my small bone frame.  
So, in terms of my definition of success, on this 36th day post op, I think the effort and expense was appropriate and that I am trending well in the right definition, though more slowly than I had hoped.
Hope this answers your question and feel free to converse about your experience.
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I know where your coming from. Being older has some effect on our metabolism and it is harder for us seniors to lose. I have found exercise to be very important at our age to help jump start our metabolism and burn those calories. I personally ride a bike everyday if possible. Weather permitting it's either a stationary bike or a street bike. I find it very relaxing and a stress reducer, plus all the other benefits that come along with it. 

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