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NERVOUS about my Surgery

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Hi everyone!

My name is Claudia and Im new to the board. Im 20 years old and weigh 314 lbs. I have scheduled a date to have surgery on 6/10 and I will be coming from Miami, Fl. I am really nervous about everything. I've done extensive research between gastric banding and gastric bypass surgery and have decided that gastric banding is the option for me. I really don't know how I feel about having some strange piece of plastic inside of me and if my body will reject it or not. My biggest fear is that the band will come off somehow and then I'll have major problems. I would like to know if the scars take a long time to heal and if over time you can even notice them? Also, is the surgery done laproscopically? Anyone's guidance or assurance is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Hi Claudia, Welcome!

Congratulations on your upcpming surgery. Being nervous is a normal reaction. I was nervous too. You are having the best surgeon do you band if that helps any. Dr. Ortiz & martinez and their entire staff are fabulous. Their facilities are nice and the hotel is beautiful. You are in good hands ( cute ones too)

My scars were healed pretty quickly, I'd say 10 days post op totally healed, the only one I notice is my port incision and that one is no bigger then an inch, the other 4 incisions are so tiny I can not even find them any more, yes the surgery is done lapriscopically which is why the incisions are so small. The band is the best thing I have ever done. Your fears are normal but relax you are going to do just fine with your band. We are all hear to help you so please post as often as you can so we can help answer any questions you may have.

Good Luck :)

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