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Surgery on June 29

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  • 3 weeks later...

Robin, What is it exactly that you are a wreck about?

Is it the surgery itself? Is it the unknown of going to TJ for surgery?

The surgery is a walk in the park, I have had 3 c-sections, breast reduction, and lap band surgery, lap band surgery was by far the easiest. Recovery time is a cinch.

Going to TJ I know sounds scary, TJ has such a stigma attached to it, but once you arrive and see the treatment you get and how beautifu lthe facilities are ( hotel, hospital, Dr. Ortiz's clinic) you will never know you are in TJ. Hisstaff is awesome, theytake such good care of you while you are there.

You will do fine :)

Best Wishes to you :)

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Robin and Shell,

My surgery is June 21 and I too am scared. No trepidation at all about the whole TJ experience. This forum has made it clear that will be great; my fear is once I am back in Ohio, being 2 hours away from a dr. who will do my fills. I believe it is because he was proctered by Dr. O. I fear an emergency situation and that scares me and also remembering all the rules involved with eating is a bit frightening. I think I can make it through the first 22 days okay. I've fasted for weeks at a time over the years trying to lose weight, as have we all probably.

The info from this forum has been great.


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Sherylm I will be in TJ on Monday for a fill, wil lyou be there for pre -op then> If so I would love to talk with you, maybe I can help relieve some of your fears.

You are going to do just fine, your fears you are having now are normal, it is the unexpected, so of course there wil lbe fears and anxiety, but once it is al ldone you will realize the adjustment to your new band is not complicated at all.

Iam almost 2 hours away from Dr. Ortiz and have had two things other then fills I was able to get to him for one of them being an emergency but I made it to him and I was fine. You can always go to the ER in your area and they can call Dr. Ortiz or Dr. Martinez and they can speak to the ER docs , it is what I did until I was able to get to Dr. Ortiz. Dr. Ortiz wil lspeak to them directly and guide then in anyway he can if their is a problem, not to worry.

The rules are easy, once you do it for a period of time, it becomes second nature.

Hope to see you on Monday :)

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