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Help! Bad Credit...What to do...Already tried co-signer:(

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Hi all,

I want so badly to be banded by Dr. Ortiz. I have tried financing through Citerra Financial with a co-signer, and still got denied. I am soo bummed and stressed.

I was wondering if, hopefully someone out there could please have some positive help for me to get financed from somewhere that would really help me. At this point, I don't care about high interest or payments. MY car is about paid off and that would release a big chunk every month for me to pay on something else.

I have heard of MedProva, but was going to use my mom to get the loan since she has a credit line card. Unfortunately I read that they would probably approve it and then take it back because she isn't the one having the surgery. Don't know what to do.

Thanks for any positive and uplifting help from anyone.


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If you or your family owns or is buying a home- you can get a loan against that- a renters loan if the property is rental property or refinance for up to 80% of the value of the home-& the interest rate is usually much lower than these medical credit companies or a credit card. Also, if you have been banking at a bank or credit union

you can sometimes get a small loan from them,or- if you or spouse (if married)

have 401K- you can borrow against most of those plans and pay yourself back. When we checked with the 401 k of my husbands they had 3 reasons ONLY that you could borrow against the account- Adoption, any medical procedure not covered by our medical plan & and first home buying. Hope you find the way!!!!!

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Oh Judy, I'm so sorry!

I'm not sure that it has to be the person getting surgery that gets the loan because sometimes parents finance for their kids. Basically it is just an unsecured loan. You might want to call Citerra and ask Geramin about that one. If your mom has a credit card she would put the surgery on... that's OK with us! Good luck and keep me posted.

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