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Teens who have had lapband surgery done?

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Hi. My name's Brittany and I'm a 15 year old girl from Ohio. My mom had checked out some things for her and I both on having surgery. We're really thinking about doing the Lap Band. I myself am all for it. I was just wondering if there are any teens out there who have had it done who don't mind speaking with me about it. If there is anyone who will, teen or adult, please get reply.

Like I said, I'm 15 and I weigh around 230 and I'm only 5'4. My mother is 43 and she's around the same. I don't know if we have diabetes in our family or, what the deal is but I know that we're fat and we want to do something about it. Diets, we've tried. It doesn't work. Then one day my mom came upon Lap Band Surgery online. We thought about it for a little while and decided it would be a good idea and something to really look into. So that's why I'm here.

(Sorry, I'm rambling and stating myself more than once, this is just really important to me)

Okay, well I hope to get a reply soon. Thanks. :D

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i have just been banded on 6-23 and it was an awesome experience. right now im only on liquids but tomorrow i can start having yogurt.

i am also 15 and i weighed about 226 when i arrived in tj but my problem is that i am very short(only 5'2 :( ) . i have already lost 10 pounds in less than a week and i am happier than i have ever been

if you ever wanna just email or im me its fine

hope this helps


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My daughter was banded on June 15th and she is doing great. She started out weighing 324, at 5'7" and today is at 308. She has already started on her exercise program and already setting goals for herself. The first week was a little uncomfortable for her, stomach soreness/or achiness, shoulder pain from the air they pump into your stomach, a little nauseous and just not being able to be in her normal routine. She is still eating soft foods and will remain on that for 2 more weeks. The only meat she can eat right now is fish, and that's not a favorite for her, but she's managing. Keeping herself busy with her friends will be the key to success for her. Oh, you have to drink a lot of water, water, water. I'm still new at this myself but I hope it helped a little.

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