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I live on the east coast and need a Doctor!

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There is Dr. Vernon in Brigham

There is Dr. Christine Ren in NYC

You can email Don Mills at Inamed and ask for a list of certified Inamed surgeons in your area

His email address is Don.Mills@Inamed.com

Or go to www.lapband.com and click on the surgeon locator link at the top of the page, this should give you a list of Dr.'s in your area.

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There is Dory Feraro @ Long Island Bariatrics, she also has offices in NYC & WEstchester. She's very good, not as aggessive as Mexican fills, but VERY good at hitting the port. PM me if you need the #, I don't have it handy but would gladly get it for you. FYI, she gets patients from all over the east coast. Delaware, Boston, etc.

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