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Covered by Insurance

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This forum is mostly Dr. Ortiz's patients. We were banded in Mexico. Mexico does not accept US insurance. Try going to www.lapbandtalk.com and you will have more success by doing a search for your question on that site.


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Depending on your insurance. Some insurance companies will pay for it and others will not. No insurance companies will pay for it in Mexico. You need to contact your insurance carrier and ask.

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I am being banded in 10 days. Yeah!! :D The price I am paying is $9500. It is really a good deal because it covers EVERYTHING except airfare. It includes the hotel stay & the BEST lap-band doctor available. When you fly into the San Diego airport, OCC will arrange to have someone pick you up at the airport & take you back. Everything is truly taken care of for you. If you just get your airfare, they do the rest!! Southwest has lots of specials flying into San Diego.

If you call the company they will send you some information about the surgery & everything you need to know - including the cost. They are wonderful to talk to!! There is no pressure, just good information that will help you decide. Call 1-866 - Dr. Ortiz.

Good luck!!


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