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In January I was having problems with my band. I emailed Dr. Ortiz late at night, had a response by morning and was at the OCC being checked out the next day. Over this last weeked I had more problems, emailed the Dr and have had no response yet. I did end up going to a fill center usa 4 hours away and had a bit of an unfill. I feel better now, but wonder why I have not received a reponse from my email. The first experience was great though.

I hope you have gotten some answers and are feeling better. Lori is always a great help too.


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I called and left a message for Dr. Martinez. It took 24 hours for him to get back to me, but when he did, he was the most helpful. He gave me lots of good info that I didn't know. Probably the most I had learned since looking into the band.


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just got banded 2/27/07...have called Dr. Martinez twice and got him both times on his cell phone! He is ALWAYS very helpful and explains everything thoroughly!! Also, Dr. Ortiz took my call on a Sunday (before surgery) to answer my numerous anoying questions...very patient with me! that's when i knew i was going to the right doc!! They are ALL amazing...can't say enough about them!!

good luck :)


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Who do I need to talk to at the OCC about medical problems I am having with my band?

Who have you had good communication/experience with?


Michele :)


I've been thinking about you lately. I'm glad I came across your message. How are you doing? Still having problems with you band? Have you been able to get in touch with anyone yet? What are your symptoms?


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I ALWAYS call Martinez and get a very quick response - i always try to explain quickly my situation and how urgent it is as I know they are swamped. I also heard from another patient his number has changed and she had to reach him through rene at the office - i had my surgery in 05 so others may have a more current number.

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