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I've made my decision!!

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Hey!! how yall guys doing!! well guess what?? i had my consultation yesterday with Dr ortiz.... what a great guy.. the way he talks and explains the stuff makes u feel confortable.... he was very helpful and he answered all my questions. I had my parents with me and B4 we went in they were upset and they thought i was crazy they did not want me to even considered having the surgery.. after talking with Dr. ortiz they changed their mind and now r very supportive... they think i should do it.... Unfortunatly i was not able to book my surgery rght away because Dr. ortiz wants me to lose some weight prior to the surgery.. he got me an appoinment with his nutritionist right after i talk to him and was able to see her, and she started me on a very strict diet.... i'm hoping i can stick to it ad meet my goals...i just hope i'll be able to get banded as soon as possible... i've made up my mind and will have the surgery as soon as dr ortiz think its safe for me to go under the knife.... Dr' ortiz is a great guy, very sociable, and is very helpful, the facilities r great, clean, even a lot more nicer than some dr's offices here in the states!! i'll keep u guys posted on how my weight loss is going!! ...

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