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banded on Aug 5, 2005

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Hi everyone,

I was just banded on Aug 5th, 2005 by Dr. Ortiz and Dr. Martiinez. It was a piece of cake. I was up and walking around, had no gas issues and slight disconfort at the port site. I have lost a total of 20 lbs including ( 7lb loss prior to surgery). My concern is, I'm eating solids now find myself eating almost as much as I was before the banding. I have to think to stop eating when I feel slightly full. But, I do have lots of hunger pains most of the day. Will this get beter? I know I'm not adjusted yet, but I'm afraid I will start gaining weight. Can anyone advise me?

Other than that, I'm so happy!


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The first 6 weeks is NOT for weight loss. Some people do gain a small amount. The first 6 weeks is for healing only. Just try and follow what Dr. Miranda taught you. The first 6 weeks is hard because you really want to have results. Try and find things to do such as experimenting with what exercises you can do that you enjoy, or paint that room that you haven't gotten around to, or organize the junk drawers in the kitchen..... just do something.

I know it is depressing but the weight loss will come. You have no restriction right now so the band is merely a bracelet around the stomach. No worries, soon it will be a choke collar!! :)

Dr. Martinez will not do a fill before 6 weeks.

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