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First fill to tight?

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I had my surgery 7-18-05 and just went in for my first fill but, I can't eat anything soild at all just keeping down liquids, I did clear liquids for the first 48 hours after the fill, but now am afraid I can't get all the nutrition I need this way. I thought I would be able to eat some soild foods but nothing I get sick every time I try even cottage cheese, cerials, green salad etc.

I could eat anything I wanted the 4th & 5th weeks prior to my first fill, the Dr says he filled the band 1.4 cc which didn't seem like to much.

I lost only 14 pounds that first 5 weeks but have lost another 12 pounds since the fill 1 week ago, should I be happy or nervous? HELP PLEASE

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You need to call your Dr. right away and tell him that you are unable to keep down solids. You sound liek you are too tight to me, having as little as .2 cc's removed can make a huge difference in being able to eat solids but yet still give restriction to lose weight.

This is from the Inamed handbook..

If the adjustment (fill) results in too tight of a stomach opening you could have a hard time eating most foods, sometimes this causes people to avoid solid foods. They may drink liquid meals or soft food meals and this may result in weight gain. A band that is too tight may cause reflux symptoms and can also cause frequent vomiting. If this should happen call your Dr. immediately.

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