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Ok, so I'm a new kid to this and I'll be banded on the June 26th in Reston, Virginia.

What is PBing? (or BPing, if I got it wrong...)

What is the difference between a regular lap band and a VG lap band?

Also...how have you guys handled telling people? I've only told two of my friends and my parents but now that I'm coming up on having to do the pre-op diet and the post-op stuff...I'm not sure how to get around telling them why I'm eating differently for a while. I work in a place where we sit for 11 hours with each other and nowhere else we can go...

Thanks for having this site. I'm nervous but at least I have you guys to pull info from!

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I'm also a new kid and was banded on June 2nd.

I also asked the same question.... what is PBing or BPing or whatever

The only people that I told about the surgery are my parents, sister and husband. I want people around me to be supportive of my weight loss and unfortunately weight loss surgery still has a stigma about it.

As for all of my friends and extended family... they think I'm recovering from a hernia operation

Good luck with your surgery!

I've been floating around this message board for a while and there are great people around here with great advice!

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We had a previous discussion on this. I bumped it up for you....Look for the question, "What does PB'ing mean?" in the Support/General Discussions category!

Welcome aboard ladies! :)


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Know what it's like to be a new kid on the block.

I am also being banded on 26th June. My birthday is on 25th June and my Doctor joked about me being able to eat all I want on my birthday. I am so excited and scared at the same time. Let me know how you get on.

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