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could my band slipped?

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It's been 10 months since I have been banded, so far there have been no problems. But the last 4 days I have had the worse case of flu ever. I have tried not to vomit but sometimes a person just can't help it. And it hurts so bad when you do. How do I know if my band has slipped? This really worries me.My last fill was the end of March,I have 2.8cc, so its not too tight. Is there any other way too know other than Floral?


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Can't help you with telling if your band has slipped but if you are still vomiting, call your doctor asap and have him give you some anti-nausea medication. I got some from my doc called Promethegan to keep around just in case I come down with the flu or food poisoning. Was easy to get and not at all expensive.

Good luck with your flu and I hopefully everything is ok with your band. Once you flu calms down if you are still able to eat and drink ok I would think you are fine.

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