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lets get physical

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I personally believe that exercise is crucial to MY success. I lift weights with a trainer three days per week, and do cardio for an hour for three days per week.

I don't think a treadmill is necessary. Treadmills do help you burn more calories, but they don't do much for upper body strength. But you know your situation better than we do....if you live where winters are snowy, or if you won't get out and walk/run at night, then a treadmill is probably a good idea.

Good luck, and keep moving!


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Hi Shelia, I think exercise is very important to me. I get up every morning and hit the gym. I know it has helped me lose the 32 lbs. I have lost so far. Right now I'm just doing cardio, but next month I'm going to start back with my personal trainer. Good luck with your surgery, and working out.


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I think exercise is a four letter word, and I am lucky if I go to the gym once or twice a week. When I do go I do 30 min of cardio, 30 minutes of weights, and then 20 minutes of laps in the pool. On weeks that I feel overly ambitious, and go 3 times a week, I notice that I tend to lose an extra pound...so I guess it does help!

I also have a treadmill that is currently being used alternately as a drying rack and kitty bed. My advice is join a gym instead because it is more fun and the time goes by much quicker. (30 minutes on the treadmill at home seems to take forever!)

In all seriousness though, exercise is very important, especially if you want to avoid the "saggy baggy skin". I have slacked off the last few weeks and I noticed that the skin on my arms and belly are getting sort of soft and deflated looking. Yuck.


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How long after surgery did you take to get back into exercise. I love to snow ski but I had surgery on 11/18 and am planning on waiting a minium of 2 weeks but most likely 3-4 as I want no pain at the port site just in case i fall down.

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