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Anyone still out there?


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Hi there,

I just had surgery on 12/1/05. All I can say is it was the best thing I've ever done. Honestly I'd rather go through that surgery again then go to a dentist for a cavity. It is so easy, you're up and walking right after surgery. You're sore for a while afterwards but nothing too bad. The more you walk the better you'll feel, I recommend walking around Tijuana and shopping, it takes your mind off the surgery and really helps you get rid of all the gas in your stomach. The doctors are so nice, and so are the nurses. You might want to brush up on a little spanish before you go, just because the nurses don't speak much english, but they try really hard. The worst part about the surgery is that you're on liquids for 3 weeks afterwards. That's not too bad though... I've already lost 21lbs so I think it was definately worth it. I recommend popcicles when you're on the liquid part... really helps you feel like you're actually getting to eat something. Well, good luck and if you have any questions feel free to contact me. :D

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