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30.6 BMI, sz 22, Help!

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hi, my weight is 206 my height is 5-8 , i wear a size 22w pants and nornal size 2xl, apparently though i am not fat enough, i want to know if there is anyone else out there that is similar to my body that was able to have the lap band done and how it worked out for them, i have been told, that doctors dont like to do it on anyone under 32 bmi, becasue there is not enough fatty tissue in the for the lap band and they ultimatly do not lose weight like the folks that are over 35 bmi. i do not really think it is a grand idea for me to eat three dozen donuts a day until i gain enough weight that makes me a candidate for surgery, but geez, i guess you do what you have to. if anyone can please help with my dilemma i would be sincerely grateful. michelle

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I had the same experience - lower bmi with us docs telling me i'd have to gain up to 60 lbs - absolutely ridiculous. I can't remember (it's too early in the am) my bmi but i am 5'2 and was 185lbs presurgery. my weight has fluctuated my entire life from a low of 126 to 245 and i have NEVER been able to stablilize my weight - every day has been a struggle. i choose dr ortiz and had surgery on 11.18 and am doing great. While i lost 10lbs initially i haven't weighted in several weeks and feel i've gained some back as i don't have a lot of restriction - am going for fill mid january and think the journey will trully begin then. I spoke to several lapband patients who had similar bmi's and they have all lost their weight AND kept it off which is my true goal. I believe it would be possible for you too. good luck, mary

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Hi Ellie mae

I was 207 5'2" with a BMI of 35/36. I had been denied Gastric ByPass several years ago by my insurance company. My MD suggested a BAnd. I knew insurance wouldn't do it so we took out a loan. It was 10,000 cheaper in TJ than in Reno. Also the doctors here had only done 40 and Dr Ortiz & Martinez have done 2000+. Did it & have no regrets!

Good Luck


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