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Food taste after surgery

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Today is the 2nd day of eating solid foods, I have noticed that food just does not taste as wonderful as it used to before getting banded. Has anyone else found this to be true also?

I mean it tastes okay and all but for example, I went to eat my favorite food of all time today sushi and it was good, but it was not like OMG this is great I want to die eating this and roll around in it heheheh like before.

Does anyone understand what I am saying?

Any feedback would be appricated.


Allan H

San Diego, Ca

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Once you get a little more time under your belt with your band you may have a change of heart..food tasted so good to me after my band since I had to eat so slow and chew so well it was like I was savoring every single bite unlike before pre band when I used to inhale my food and not taste a thing....

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