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oct 4th is the big day

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hi everyone, this is terbear. im new to this!!! i'm going to be banded oct 4th. would like to make and talk to other banded buddy or talk to who might be there the same time i am. hope to hear from you!!


Looks like you have already checked out the thread about October bandsters. I won't see you there, as I'll be there a week later. I went down to TJ with my daughter when she was banded, and also when she went in for her first fill. You will get a chance to chat with everyone in the waiting room while you are all doing your pre-op stuff, and will also see the other patients throughout the time you are there in the clinic. I'm betting you will make some new friends there; everyone is going through the same thing as you, with the same fears, apprehension, and excitement about a new chapter in their lives. The clinic itself is a cross between a doctor's office and a hospital, with a big dose of south of the border friendliness and hospitality. Feeling tense? The nurse will give you a great backrub. The doctors take the time to chat with you and answer your questions, and the hotel is nice. Keep in touch through the forum; there are some great people here!

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