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hi there peeps ,

I had my lap band fitted last august in the uk , I have laost 5 stione so far with no fill.

I have now started to get hair losss.My hair has become very thin baby like infact, especialy around the nape of my neck and around my ears !!!

Has anyone else had the same reaction.

please help !!!

worried im gonna go bald

sharon x x x x

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Hi there. I went through a phase where I lost my hair for a short time and once I got on an even kill with my weight loss, the hair loss was minimal. It was during those bursts of losing weight really fast was where I got into problems with shedding and thinning. I have very long hair and it drove me nuts to shed here and there. Be sure you are getting a good vitamin supplement down each day if you can.


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I am new to this forum and I hope you don't mind me joining while waiting to hear from my insurance about coverage for banding and gathering as much information as possible before (hopefully) undergoing this amazing life change.

I was interested in your concern about hair loss, because I was finding too much hair in my shower at one time. My GP suggested I take fiber tablets not only because I suffer diverticulitis, but because fiber can slow down hair loss - male pattern baldness aside. It has certainly worked for me, there is so much less hair in my shower and on my hairbrush. The band would probably make taking any tablet form of fiber very difficult but perhaps your doctor can suggest a liquid form that would be more easily digestible and not get stuck (the tablets I take dissolve very quickly in water). Like I said, I've not undergone the banding yet and I might be way out of line to suggest this, but it might be worth asking your doctor about fiber supplementation.



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