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Just got a fill after 2 years of not having one and maintaining my weight for two years. I decided it was time to use the band for it's purpose and get the rest of this weight off. Moving 4 hours from my doctor was a big reason for not getting a fill. Thought that would make me more disciplined. aaaanhk....wrong answer.

Well I thought I would join this forum to get myself motivated and have some people to talk with about being restricted. Sheesh, getting fluids down is a task now that I was so used to slurping down drinks left and right. This sipping here and there is getting hard to get used to. I got fill on monday of this week and the bad thing was that my dinner was not fully digested the night before so I had a little something stuck which aggrivated matters worse.

Today is a much better day and I will start some soup. I needed a fresh start away from food for a few days so this will kick start my elimination therapy and get my head in the lap band game once more.

Looking forward to chatting with you guys!


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