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Banded October 10, 2007 in Pennsylvania

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My lap band experience has been OK so far. I was really sick for about forty eight hours but have felt good since going off pain meds. I am using meditation for pain. I went back to work on the 16th. My only complaints so far are fatigue and gas!

I think I am doing great for only 10 days post op. I am being creative with the protein shakes, eating soup and do not feel hungry at all. I also quit smoking two days before my surgery (not soon enough, I know!), but I am not tempted to smoke at all. I have had coffee, my addiction to coffee will be harder to break.

I look forward to reading the posts of people who are banded around this time for support, ideas and encouragement.

Highest weight: 236

Pre- Op weight: 214

Weight today 209

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Hi, i'm terbear,,,,i was banded oct 4th bt Dr ortiz in tj,,,,,,and you? sounds like you are doing just great. i went back to work right away,,,should of taken a couple of days off but didn't. I felt bla for acouple of days after,,,,doing just great now,,,looking towards my first fill in 3 weeks,,,,,,i start eating solids tomarrow =D> well got to go ,,i'm at work now,,,keep in touch,,,,my e-mail is terbear425@yahoo.com



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I this i suggest that every one should do the meditation for good health n more over it is best for mind freshness and it is best for some diseases like astama , general caugh , gas trouble, etc.... i every morning n evening do medetation and i don't have any problem about health.....



Pennsylvania Alcohol Addiction Treatment

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