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How often do you get a fill?

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Hey there! I have noticed that some of you get a fill almost every month what's up with that. When I got my lap-band I asked Dr.Ortiz how often would I need a fill. He said maybe 3 the fist yr. and once a yr. after. I was banded April 26th. 07. Had my 1st. fill in June 07 was told everything looked good. I'm going back for my 2nd. fill Feb. 18th. 08. I have lost 56 lbs. I've done it slowly just as I wanted. I didn't want to lose to fast. I feel that as long as I'm not gaining I'm doing ok. I have been at 186 for a month (that's a lot better then the 260 that I use to weigh!). Yeah! Gone through the Holidays without gaining a lb.! Do any of you do anything to get ready for your fill like maybe just being on liq. for a few day before your fill?I just wanted to know that's all.

Kelly in Fl.

Before Lap-band 260

After Lap-band 186 now!

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I got my first fill November 29, seven weeks after surgery. Yesterday I had my second fill. I'm a little tight now, but I can eat if I take it slow. First fill was 1.7 in a 4 cc band; second one brought me up to 1.9. The doctor put in a total of 2.1 at first yesterday, but I started sliming on gatorade and went back in to get a bit taken out.

I think it's personal preference on scheduling your fills. Some people like to be tight, and others feel that they have enough self-discipline or are satisfied with a slower rate of weight loss to spread them out more. Whatever works for you. As long as your weight is going down but you are not so tight you cannot get the nutrients you need, it's a matter of choice.

I didn't eat the morning of my fills. For the first one, the doctor said full liquids for three days. But for my second fill he wanted me to eat right away because I was headed out of town and he wanted to be sure I wasn't too tight.

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Well, I was just gonna post about the same thing. I have read so many posts in the past about how often some get fills, then unfills, etc. I have only had one fill during my weight loss banded journey. I really need another fill, but just when I think about getting one, I feel more restriction. Maybe a little fill would be good? Not sure anymore. Haven't dropped any more weight than what is in my signature. I gained about 5 or 6 lbs. over the holidays and after knee surgery, but lost it again which makes me feel good. ;)

So, I guess if I want to get back on track and continue onto my ultimate weight loss goal, I better get that fill. Wish it could be in TJ, but someday...I WILL BE BACK!! :)

Peace and hugs,


p.s. I never want to have an unfill, but know when it is necessary. Especially when really sick. Of course, I said I never want to PB either, but did...my own fault and my band letting me know that I still have it and also have restriction...lol Good band, good. :)

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I think those two replies illustrate what I was saying. I wouldn't feel satisfied going two months without weight loss, so I would run in and get a fill. However, Judy, you have done wonderfully, and if it feels right for you, then that is right for you. On the other hand, I've been feeling that second fill was a mistake, because I have been having trouble eating just about anything for the past couple of days. I've got relatives visiting and we have been eating out a lot, so I'm going to wait at least 10 more days and see if things settle down. Yesterday we were showing my cousins from Massachusetts around Arizona and stopped at a roadside stand for frybread. Big mistake.

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