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Surgery Date Confirmed!!!!

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Hi all!

It's official! I just got my surgery confirmation e-mailed to me

from Sandy. 17 days and counting! I'm really excited and a little

scared (just of the unknown...), but overall so ready to get this

done. Thanks to all of you who helped me think of more things to

stock up my pantry with, and all the other helpful hints.

I'm looking forward to joining you wonderful group of bandsters!!!


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Hi Tina


Those 17 days are going to fly by. Before you know it you will be officially banded. Dr. Ortiz and Dr. Martinez are fantastic doctors. The entire staff are so friendly, helpful and caring. I was banded 3 months ago and I'm very happy with my band. I have lost 34 pounds and have had 1 fill so far (1.1cc's)

Good Luck to you and please post an update to let us all know how your surgery went.

Lovin' My band :)




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Congrats on your confirmation. I know how exciting it is to make the final prep. I was just banded on July 23rd and am feeling great 4 days post-op.

Fear of the unknown is VERY understandable, I went thru it a few times and physically made myself sick thinking about it too much. Of course, it was all based on the unknown, but thankfully the Doctors are very aware of it and put your mind to ease right away. It is a great start at a new life. And the benefits on the other side far outweigh any "unknown"

Best wishes to you, if you have questions I'd love to help if I can.


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^_^ Hi everyone!

It's now been one week after my surgery and I've been feeling great and losing weight. The doctors were great! The hospital was great!! It was just an overall great trip and experience. I'm still a little tender where the port is, but other than that, life is good. The clear liquids are getting old, but it won't be too long now...so I'm trying to be patient and keep busy not obsessing about it.

I got to meet Jane and her wonderful family, and she really put me at ease and was great in answering all my questions. I met her the day after her surgery and she was up and around. She was even nice enough to meet me at my pre-op. Thanks so much Jane and let me know when you are coming to town for your fills.

Hope all is well with everyone!


July 30, 2004

237/227/199 (mini-goal)

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