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Unsuccessful - Need Advice

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In June 2005 I was banded at 388lbs. They slowly tighten the band,

and by willpower I got down to 367lbs by the end of 2005. Since then

I have gained weight. I told the physician that I was still able to

eat (8oz steak dinner with all the trimmings), while yes I should not

be eating that, I did. I felt like I was never full, had massive

hunger pains. He had me up to 9.7 in a 10 band. He had me drink

that liquid and reconfirmed that the band was in excellent shape, and

that the stomach pouch was small. He even said to me that there is

no way I could be eating that much food.

I never got that band as a silver bullet, but in reality I have

trouble with portion control and binging (not purging), so thougth

this would be a good tool.

So for a year most of 2006 I slowly gained/loss, and was too

embrassed to see the doctor again. He left the practice so I decided

to suck in my gut and go see the PA, he took me up to 10.7 (he said

you can go past the 10). I was excited, but I still see no

difference - I can eat bread, I never throw up.

So sadly, I am so depressed, and cannot get up the courage to "diet"

again, I feel like an absolute failure AGAIN - something that has

worked so well for others, is not working for me. The depression

doesn't help me control my eating, I am staying right around the


So does anyone have any advice. I went to the Obesity Inst thinking

that was the best there was. I am devasted that I went to all this

trouble and have this thing in me that does nothing.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated, and I thought if anyone

understood it would be you out there. I certainly have ran into a

brick wall with my dr, as he won't give me a fill and try to push it

a bit more.


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Awww lisa.. you need a big hug!There are a lot of people who know where you are comming from and I have actually heard of people having 12cc in a 10cc band :huh: so I would still go for another adjustment.. there is also another board where you may find more people who have been in your shoes..www.lapbandtalk.com try there too.

Try and keep your chin up and dont give up! I know it is hard but we are all here for ya!


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