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Rosarta Beach

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Can anyone tell me how far away is Rosarita beach? My husband and I would like to go there for the day. Do you take a cab or what kind of transportation is there? Thanks for any help my husband has never seen an ocean so we really would like to do this.

Thank you all so much for any responses. My surgery is March 27

THanks Queenie

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I have to to say Rosarito Beach is a beautiful place. You could probably make it there in about 20 mins. Just depends on how you drive and it's a straight shot from downtown. We have stayed a few places in Rosarito and I think the best place we have stayed with the most spectacular view is Rosarito Beach Hotel. It' s not real fancy, but it's clean and the view makes all the difference. How are you feeling about your surgery? I probably was the most nervous person getting surgery, but it was a piece of cake! I should've done this alot sooner to start enjoying life!!!

Let me know if I can help you in anyway

Best to You

Joelle =D>

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Thank you so much do you know if we can take a cab there or is that safe? Thank you both so much for the replies. My husband has never seen ocean so I would like him to if we have a chance. I just want to be sure it is safe.

Thanks again Queenie

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