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Where to buy Fake Purses

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I got a really cute Coach (black with silver hardware) on Revolution Ave. It is a few blocks from the hotel. One of the guys at the hotel got the cab for us ($5) and he told us which kind to take back to the hotel, so that we wouldn't be charged more (I can't remember the company, but they will let you know) EVERYONE on Revolution will have the deal for you!!! Remember bargain, bargain, bargain. I travel alot and know to not pay alot for the fake stuff. SO the guy started out at $225. I left and he followed me down the street for blocks until he gave it to me for $50. He told me it was in his special stash that the federalies couldn't see...... OK..... whatever. Good luck and happy shopping

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Revolution Ave....$5.00 cab ride from hotel. Dont stay there past dark!!! Dont accept the first offer....walk out if you have to.

I bought 10+ purses, louie vuitton, prada, gucci, chanel....extra. and spent an average of $40.00 a purse, even though they started at $100.00+

Also, most of them are hidden under the counter, in a back room or in a suitcase (funny) so you have to ask.

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hi there,

I got four bags while I was there and paid 30.00 per bag..they were burberry and coach and I also got two movado knock offs for 25.00 each..revolution is the best place to go! It was a ball..just keep saying no and they will keep going down in price!

have a ball


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