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Im 17. Im borderline Diabetic. My mom developed diabetes from taking antidepressants years ago after I was born. And it already runs on my fathers side. Im not extremely over weight. But my weight fluctuates alot. Ive always been like that. Im 176llbs and my BMI is over 30.... Im 5'4... I used to be a healthy weight but When my step mother took my antidepressants from me (Cymbalta) a year ago... I became overly stressed because Of my depression and Gained alot of weight. Im trying to lose it but I lack the abilty to exorcise excessivly given that I broke my leg as a child. I was hospitolized a couple of months after the cymbalta was taken from me for almost killing myself. Im am better now. Happier and on my medication again. With the added weight gains from being off the meds and also birth control (Ladies you know that) I dont know what to do. Im constantly made fun of. And because My spine has a curvature people always ask me if im pregnant. And the school i go too is pretentious. Im tired of walking into the mall or stores and cant fit anything. I dont know if I want to get the lap band. My mom is going into surgery in 6 days for the gastric bypass and the weight loss place she goes too wont let kids under 18 get that. And besides i dont want that. But the lap band sounds appealing.... And yet Im afraid to do it.

Should I? Or should I just diet more.

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Hello Cait--

My daughter and I were "banded" on 2/28. She is (or was) nearly your exact size when she received the Lap-band. She is 5'5" and weighed 175 on the day of banding. I will first tell you that if you are considering the pros and cons of getting the Lap-band, a major positive would be Dr Ortiz and his staff. Our experience at the OCC could be described as nothing less than phenomenal. Everyone there is so very nice. From the folks that help schedule you to those who are taking direct care of you, all of them are super nice. The clinic is cleaner than clean. If you have checked out the OCC website and have done the video tour, it is exactly as nice (or nicer) as it looks on the video. For my daughter, they treated her like she was the star of the show. She is pretty afraid of needles, and they were so gentle and patient with her it brought tears to my eyes.

Whatever you decide to do, know that the folks on the forum are here to support you. Use the search feature to seek out information on questions you have. People have posted on nearly every question you might have regarding tthis whole experience. God be with you!


Diana (and Alyssa)

P.S. Alyssa has lost 15lbs so far! :)

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