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Anyone being banded on April 7?

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:lol: Im so excited! i will be banded mon april 7 by dr ortiz. we're going down on sat. to enjoy a few days of r & r. and i think to say goodbye to the old me. i really do feel like i will be losing more than weight. i really want to say goodbye to my old eating habits and exercise habits and all the things that kept me from losing weight. this is truely a new beginning for me, both physically, mentally and spiritually. noone but my husband knows about this, i guess i am a little ashamed, i don't know. i will be telling my friends about it as soon as it's over and the weight starts coming off.

if you're going to be banded april 7, let me know!

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I finally got your email! I sent a reply...hopefully it makes it to you. I haven't heard from anyone else being banded our day either. I can't wait!!!!!!!!!

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