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Downloading Ticker factory tracker

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Thanks, you are so helpful. How do you put your start and surgery dates on their

All you have to do is type in whatever text you'd like either above or below the ticker text (just make sure you don't mess up the ticker code)

Here's the text I use, feel free to use it as a guideline if you'd like:

Starting/Highest Weight 01/01/08: 247 lbs

Date of Surgery Weight 02/28/08: 226 lbs (-21lbs lost pre-op)

Post Op/Current Weight 04/10/08: 205 lbs (-21lbs lost as of 6 weeks post-op)

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Thanks Michelle, It took me three hours but I got it. You have to copy the whole text in the BBCode box. Then paste it in your signature box, click edit signature and there it was.

I just noticed that your ticker info may need to be edited... It's saying you've lost all your weight already lol

Just click on the ticker image and a pop up window will open, just put in your pin number and edit your starting and current weight then click create ticker!! You don't have to go back to the signature box or anything on this site it wil automatically change itself on the forum after you've edited it on the ticker factory site!

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