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Text Message for Restaurant Calories... Yay!!! - Do you dream about walking into a restaurant and having all the nutritional info right at your fingertips?! Well pinch yourselves, people, because that dream is now a reality. There's a database of about a bazillion jillion chain restaurant foods and their calories, fat, carbs, and protein -- and you can access the nutritionals simply by texting the restaurant name and menu item to DIET1 (34381). Within seconds you'll get the answer sent to your phone!


You can also check things using the site directly: http://www.diet.com/mobile/

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All restaurants are required to have nutritional information pamphlets - so you can simply ask for one if you're already there.

Also, I used to check the info online and a particular chain's website, and some of them let you alter the menu item to see what the difference in calories, etc. would be (i.e., holding the mayo on a McChicken sandwich).

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I love that - thanks Michelle!

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