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Hi Everyone,

Have any of you been given some guidelines as to your nutritional intake?

PostOp, should we be counting calories, grams of protein or fiber, and if so, which one and how much? I cannot get Dr. Miranda to respond to this question.

Getting my first fill May 1st, have only lost four pounds since banding, but losing inches.

Any insight will be appreciated. I feel like I am missing something here, but don't quite know what.


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I was told the first 21 days post op not too worry about calories as it is all liquid. As of day 6 post op you should be consuming 30 grams of protein. I am sticking with the fiber from the pre op diet just so I don't end up constipated. Other than that once you are on solid foods each indiviual person varies on the amount of calories. Clynn is a good one for this though, she is wonderfully full of knowledge. Good Luck.

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Reading a post from a previous post. We shouldn't be worried about losing a lot of weight before our fist fill. It is a healing time for the band. When we get our first fill then we should see more weight come off. I have only lost 6 pounds since the surgery and I too have lost more inches. I feel like this is a good way for me to relearn how to eat with less restriction. When I do get my first fill I will know the kinds of foods I can eat and the ones that I have a hard time eating now I will stay away from. My goal is to loss 15 pounds a month so my skin has time to shrink. I don't want to be to flabby. Everyone is different, you will lose the weight at your own speed.


Good luck!!! ><'

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This is what I have been following:

1. Are you eating 60 grams of protein a day

2. Are you eating 25 grams of fiber

3. Are you avoiding all liquid calories

a. Soup can be sign of “soft calorie syndrome”

b. Alcohol contains a lot of calories – 7 calories per gram

(1) It’s also a stomach irritant

c. Fruit juice is just sugar water

4. Are you making healthy food choices from a wide variety of foods?

a. Are you avoiding soft foods

b. You can’t just eat what’s easy

c. Cheese is glorified fat

5. Are you drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day between meals

6. Are you eating too much junk

a. Chips, chocolate, nuts, ice cream, cookies and other highly

processed junk foods are too calorically dense to be regular parts of a

healthy diet. But don’t avoid them completely to the point where you

feel deprived.

b. Stay out of fast food places

7. Are you getting in two servings of calcium daily

8. Do you always eat the protein first

9. Then the vegetables or fruits

a. Five servings a day

b. Potatoes are NOT a vegetable

10. Is your portion size appropriate?

a. Meat or fish

(1) 3 ounces – the size of a deck of cards

b. Vegetables

(1) ½ cup – the size of your fist

c. Starch

(1) If you eat the protein and the vegetables first you don’t need much

(2) Avoid: rice, potatoes, pasta

11. You might try avoiding artificial sweeteners

a. Some people think that artificial sweeteners stimulate the appetite

b. They are HUNDREDS of times sweeter than sugar

c. They teach you to like things too sweet

d. There is no evidence that people who use them are any thinner

than people who don’t

12. Avoid most diet foods

a. Real food usually tastes better

b. Real food is more satisfying than low calorie substitutes

c. When you are only eating a tiny bit the caloric savings is not

that great

(1) Use a teaspoon of real butter instead of a tablespoon of diet margarine

(2) The body has no way to break down artificial fats

a. They may go into permanent storage

b. Some people think liposuction is the only way to remove hydrolyzed fats from the body

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