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Why won't the fax number work for me

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I am dialing 1-619-330-2077 and I can hear a message on the other end saying to press 1 to leave a message. I called the clinic and she said to press option 2 :blink: . I'm not sure what that means. With my fax machine at work I dial the number and press send, just like any other fax machine. Then I get an error message saying its busy??? I'm at a loss here.

any one else had troubles?


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Hi Sue,

You are using the right number. I took my package into a Print Shop that also sends faxes for fees. It took him quite a few times to get it to go through. It would ring and then get a message and then it finally went to fax. Next time you call give it a few seconds after you get the message. It might switch over. The other option is, you can mail it in (Xpresspost). Lori told me it would be ok if I did that. It costs a bit but it worked out to the same cost for me to fax it as it would have to mail it.


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