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K.. So I need to make for sure..

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Are we only supposed to drink the protein shakes on the post op diet from day 6 to day 10 and then stop??? I'm so confused!

Then, if that is the case, how much protein are we supposed to have after that???

And any ideas or menus of what you ate from day 11 to 21?? HELP!

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The first 3 weeks after surgery are for liquids including the protein drinks. There is no limit.

It is only after you have been filled that they prefer you do not have protein shakes and get your protein from food instead.

However, (after your fill) if you are unable to eat FOOD in the morning because your band is too tight, they say you can have 1 shake instead to make sure you get enough of your daily protein.

They still prefer you get your protein from a food source, but often, people cannot eat in the mornings after their fills due to tightness. And since you MUST eat something, they figure a shake is better thn nothing.

Does this make sense?

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