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Funny Lap Band comment from my friend

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I've been telling my best friend that I've finally felt my band working (2 weeks out) and that if I eat too much (over 1/2 cup) I get these horrible gas pains.

This morning I told him that I did great last night. I just had a wee bit of gas pain because I ate too soon after eating my first 1/2 cup of soup.

So, he says, "Can't they do something to make the band work without the pain? Like, an alarm system so when you've had enough you hear "Beep, Beep, Beep, STEP AWAY FROM THE TABLE!"

I have been laughing all day about that! :lol:


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That is great Jena,

I am going to book my fill apt. on Monday for sometime mid day on June 20th. I haven't bought tickets yet but am planning on flying in and out same day and renting a car to get to border and back. Let me know if we can get together for the travel time.


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